viva la samm (irie420) wrote in cool_prevails,
viva la samm

here goes nothing...

can we have your...
name-Sammantha Marie (Samm)
location-I'm a true blue Maine-ah
sex-Oo its a lady...
marital status-long term relationship with my boyfriend benny<3

inquiring minds wanna know...
3 reasons why your "cool"- I'm cool because I listen to good music, I have a good heart, and i know that I am a good person. People have put me down all my life, and now its my time to shine. :)
3 favorite bands and/or singers- jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, dave matthews
3 favorite books-"skywriting by word of mouth, a john lennon classic" "Catcher and the Rye" "green eggs and ham" because Samm I Am!
3 favorite movies-Reqrium of a dream, dazed and confused, half baked
3 favorite kinds of candy-sprees, sweettarts, skittles
1 favorite quote-"When the power of love conquers the love of power then the world will know peace." - Mr. Jimi Hendrix
1 favorite color- lime green

tell us ...
the funniest word ever-cucumber
the real reason why humpty dumpty fell off the wall-because he was stoned
the best way to kill someone, and get away with it-poison

views on .. (keep em short and sweet, please)
drugs-like weed, dont do the rest
tap water-it freaks me out - dirty
reality tv-i love it, i know its rediculous, but i cant help it.
communism-dont get me started...
wild animals as pets-aweful, animals should be free I love animals :)

answer the riddle to test your inteligence...

poor men have it drunk
rich men need it on a silver fucking platter
greater than "god" phish food icecream
more evil than the "devil" mayonaise
snd if you eat it, youll die?no but its thick and white and smells like eggs

simple ehh?

finish the sentence
why the fuck did you ...throw a snowball at me
omg that pirate just ...drank a whole 5th of rum in 2 minutes flat
did you hear about al sharpton, he had ...breast reduction surgery

now tell me a story... make it good!

The first time I went to a phish festival was this summer. it was in Limestone maine so we left the day before the gates open to try to beat traffic. but we didnt. we ended up waiting in 16 hour traffic, getting trashed on the side of the road, my friend beckie and her brother got in a huge fist fight, we made friends with these strangers that let us cut them in the line of cars, i let beckie poar wiskey in my hair, and then i puked. but it was awesome and the best time of my life.

heres a picture of me

and me at phish

enjoy...peace :)
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