Meredith (angelfaery) wrote in cool_prevails,

can we have your...
name- Meredith
age- 16
location- the Kentucky side of Kentuckiana
sex- femme
marital status- I have a boy named Rob

inquiring minds wanna know...
3 reasons why your "cool"-
-I was named after a TV Show character (Meredith Laverne)
-my second toe is as long as my pinky
-I am batman
3 favorite bands and/or singers-
-All American Rejects
-Spice Girls
-Frank Sinatra
3 favorite books-
-Peanuts collection
-Tuck Everlasting
-Utterly Charming, Thoroughly Kissed, Completely Smitten *series*
3 favorite movies-
-Back to the Future trilogy
3 favorite kinds of candy-
-anything sour
-Caramel Apple Pops
-Baby Bottle Pops
1 favorite quote-
-Work on listening to your conscience for it is the spark of your soul.-George Washington (when he was 14)
1 favorite color- pink

tell us ...
the funniest word ever- buttmunch...i dunno why, it just always makes me laugh
the real reason why humpty dumpty fell off the wall- Little Bo Peep pushed him
the best way to kill someone, and get away with it- handcuff them to Michael Bolton

views on .. (keep em short and sweet, please)
drugs- couldn't tell ya, never tried
tap water- can't drink it, gross
reality tv- The Bachelor(ette) rocks my socks
communism- ?
wild animals as pets- if you can get away with it, why not...

answer the riddle to test your inteligence...

poor men have it
rich men need it
greater than "god"
more evil than the "devil"
snd if you eat it, youll die?
simple ehh?

finish the sentence
why the fuck did you ...grab my ass?! buttmuch (tee hee)
omg that pirate just ...burned all the rum!
did you hear about al sharpton, he had ... a sex change

now tell me a story... make it good!
Once upon a time, a lot of stuff happened, and everyone lived happily ever after. With the exception of Humpty Dumpty

[picture time] you can add a picture if you want, not neccesary.
it can be anything, you, a dog, poop, candy, michael jackson. nothing gross
little Meredith and big Meredith wishing she was still Little Meredith:

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