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application.... do you need any more mods?

can we have your...
- Lacey. Also known as Laceykins, Lizzacey, Lace, and on a rare occasion, Puddin'
age- 16
location- in some stupid ignorant town in South Carolina
sex- i'm almost positive i'm a girl
marital status- i'm so single i come in individually wrapped packages (like kraft singles!)

inquiring minds wanna know...
3 reasons why your "cool"- because i own the universe, plain and simple...and because i am an exceptional driver. my friend lindsay helped me out with the 3rd and best:
lets savetrees: you say funny stuff a lot
lets savetrees: and dont act like a douche bag
one of my best friends in the world meredith just said this: awordmisplaced: you have a kickass personality. you practically fucking glow.
when you're lacking in the beauty department, you make up for it greatly in the personality.
3 favorite bands and/or singers- incubus, sublime, brand new (oh there are so many more because i like music things a lot. dont judge me just because of that)
3 favorite books- the lovely bones, the a-list, the bell jar
3 favorite movies- two can play that game, the color purple, austin powers
3 favorite kinds of candy- snickers, jolly ranchers, altoid tangerine sours
1 favorite quote- "Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." -Sylvia Plath
1 favorite color- BLUEEE!!!!! i like rainbow too.

tell us ...
the funniest word ever- that would have to be 'doody'. if you say that to me EVER, i'lll die and piss my pants and fall over and somehow hurt myself. for real...doody......hahAHLkhf;sdkfhd;kl1@#hkldf;
the real reason why humpty dumpty fell off the wall- nigga was too fat... them round muh'fuckas just roll right off!!
the best way to kill someone, and get away with it- stab them with an icicle. it'll kill them, and the ice will melt right along with your fingerprints! i got that shit from The Lovely Bones. READ IT RIGHT NOW.

views on .. (keep em short and sweet, please)
drugs- well let's see, i take drugs when i'm illin'... no no i dont like "crack" or "heroin" or "roofies" or whatever kids these days call it
tap water- sometimes it tastes like fish tank water but other times it's good. especially around 11 pm from my bathroom tap. mmmmm
reality tv- i've got too much reality going on right now, i just need some sit-coms :(
communism- well seeing as how my great great great whatever people were all persecuted and shit, i don't rightly like it
wild animals as pbets- sure, as long as it doesnt bite your head off.... how about a nice little kitty or RATTLESNAKE AHHHH


answer the riddle to test your inteligence...

poor men have it
rich men need it
greater than "god"
more evil than the "devil"
snd if you eat it, youll die?

  • Well, that would have to be a giant penis. Because a poor man doesn't need money and shit to REALLY satisfy himself when he's got THAT...and rich men have to boost their confidence SOMEHOW don't you? It inspires temptation, and I know I'd die if i ate one...

simple ehh?

finish the sentence

why the fuck did you ... just stick your bitch ass hand into my bowl of Ramen? I told you I'd fix you some, but NO, bitch can't WAIT for LUNCH!!!
omg that pirate just ... jumped on the bandwagon and married Britney Spears!!
did you hear about al sharpton, he had ... a vasectomy, and then realized that he had no thing to begin with so he just preached to some homeless people. oh yeah, he had lice too.

now tell me a story... make it good!

I really don't feel like telling a story. Okay here goes. One time John went to Check into Cash with a box of receipts to get a cash advance on his next paycheck. The stupid bitch behind the counter wouldnl't give it to him because all the receipts were was pieces of paper with numbers scratched on it. They kicked his ass right out of there, but then later they all paid for it after they realized he was Jesus Christ. Happy? I love everyrthing.

picture time.

this is my dog pepper. she's small, but she'll kick your ass.
this is me. shortly after i took this i fell off the counter.

this is adam lazzarra (i can't spell it) right above me at my first TBS  show awhile ago.
 and this is me and my friends. i'm on the couch, 2 from the left of the reindeer.

I hope I'm cool enough. :):) 

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