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can we have your...
age- 17
location- Pittsford ny
sex- f
marital status- single and lovin it

inquiring minds wanna know...
3 reasons why your "cool"-
-because I'm the fourth to apply
-im honest
-I like food
3 favorite bands and/or singers-
-the unicorns
-the shins
3 favorite books-
-harry potter
-3 men in a boat
-the cat in the hat comes back
3 favorite movies-
-return of the king
-lock, stock and 2 smoking barrels
3 favorite kinds of candy-
-swedish fish
-godiva anything
-grapefruit hardcandy
1 favorite quote-
"Time you waste but enjoy, isn't time wasted at all"
1 favorite color-

tell us ...
the funniest word ever- umbrella (heheheheheh)
the real reason why humpty dumpty fell off the wall- because he was cool

the best way to kill someone, and get away with it-
stabbing them with a syringe
views on .. (keep em short and sweet, please)
drugs- okay for social reasons but after too much its DISGUSTING
tap water- ew, rochester tap water is terrible but i heard its good in other places
reality tv- too tooo entertaining
communism- you would think it would work, but it doenst
wild animals as pets- no, just no

answer the riddle to test your inteligence...

poor men have it
rich men need it
greater than "god"
more evil than the "devil"
snd if you eat it, youll die?

simple ehh? no its not simple, uhhhhhhhhh shoes.

finish the sentence
why the fuck did you ...add me to your friends list
omg that pirate just too cool
did you hear about al sharpton, he had ...a baby

now tell me a story... make it good!
once upon a time there was this really cool kid. she realized if she was the fourth person to apply to a kickass community she would get it. so she did. and she rocks now and so do you.

thank you.
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