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first post! yay

heyy all im marla im the moderator ... remember: the first 7 people to post are automatically in, the 3 people i pick with the coolest answers will be co-mods


edit: i figured i'd post my own app..

can we have your...
name- marla
age- 17
location- bayonne, nj
sex- female
marital status- 1+0 = 1, just me

inquiring minds want to know...
3 reasons why your "cool"-
- i brush my teeth with poland spring water, tap water makes me gag
- i have a rabbit, she will kick your ass
- i use post-its like they'r running out of style
3 favorite bands and/or singers-
- i like techno, i wont answer this, even tho i made it up
3 favorite books-
- "smack" by melvin burgess
- "a rumor of war" by philip caputo
- "innocence" by cathy coote
- "holidays on ice" by david sedaris, i added a 4th cause i can
3 favorite movies-
- The Goonies
- The Lost Boys
- The Burbs
3 favorite kinds of candy-
- Skittles
- Starbursts
- Twix
1 favorite quote- "sleep all day. party all night. never grow old. never die. its good to be a vampire." - the lost boys
1 favorite color- forest green ; i <3 nature

tell us ...
the funniest word ever- bobduncaned: it means to be fondled in the genitals by a really creepy person, reference
the real reason why humpty dumpty fell off the wall- cause he was on acid and tried to perform the "leap of faith"
the best way to kill someone, and get away with it- lock them in a sound proof basement and blast some mariah carey 24/7

views on .. (keep em short and sweet, please)
drugs- where would the world be with out them
tap water- its disgusting, it should be banned
reality tv- i <3 it
communism- it could work, in a perfect world
wild animals as pets- no, ya heard about the guy who kept a bengal tiger in his HARLEM appartment? weird ?

answer the riddle to test your inteligence...

poor men have it
rich men need it
greater than "god"
more evil than the "devil"
snd if you eat it, youll die?

</b>simple ehh?</b> im not telling!

finish the sentence
why the fuck did you ... stick those tweezers up ur anus
omg that pirate just ... fed his bird to a shark
did you hear about al sharpton, he had ... a sexual relationship with michael jackson, but who hasnt

now tell me a story... make it good!
there once was a boy, he tried to jump over a fence. the fence was sharp, he was fat and couldnt jump high. he was impaled. the end

[picture time] you can add a picture if you want, not neccesary.
it can be anything, you, a dog, poop, candy, michael jackson. nothing gross

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